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I. Motivation and design (PFE).
II. Installation of the Python for Excel.
III. Tutorial introduction into the Python for Excel.
1. Stability guarantee.
2. PythonForExcel ControlShell.
3. What to do if the connection to Excel from the ControlShell is lost or if the prompt "waits" for too long.
4. Possible littering of memory with orphaned Excel processes.
5. In-cell execution of Python statements.
6. Calling Python from VBA.
7. Calling VBA from Python.
8. Debugging with Python for Excel.
9. Unicode support.
10. Deactivation of Python for Excel.
11. Very important note about pfe-script execution.
IV. PFE Programmer's reference.
Index. Contents.

Calling Python from VBA.

o see examples of Python-VBA interaction look at the implementation of the functions pfeEval and pfeCmd in the VBA code for otsPythonForExcel.xla(m). Do not, however, explicitly open that addin. It would lead to repeated initialization and will corrupt the namespace. If the PFE is properly installed then the PFE addin should be already loaded into every open Excel instance. Simply open a VBA window and look at the otsPythonForExcel.xla(m) code.

Index. Contents.

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