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I. Motivation and design (PFE).
II. Installation of the Python for Excel.
III. Tutorial introduction into the Python for Excel.
IV. PFE Programmer's reference.
1. Direct access to Excel API.
2. Lower level access to Excel API.
3. Event trapping (PFE).
A. OnNewWorkbook property (ExcelListener).
B. OnSheetActivate property (ExcelListener).
C. OnSheetBeforeDoubleClick property (ExcelListener).
D. OnSheetBeforeRightClick property (ExcelListener).
E. OnSheetCalculate property (ExcelListener).
F. OnSheetChange property (ExcelListener).
G. OnSheetDeactivate property (ExcelListener).
H. OnSheetFollowHyperlink property (ExcelListener).
I. OnSheetSelectionChange property (ExcelListener).
J. OnWindowActivate property (ExcelListener).
K. OnWindowDeactivate property (ExcelListener).
L. OnWindowResize property (ExcelListener).
M. OnWorkbookActivate property (ExcelListener).
N. OnWorkbookBeforeClose property (ExcelListener).
O. OnWorkbookBeforePrint property (ExcelListener).
P. OnWorkbookBeforeSave property (ExcelListener).
Q. OnWorkbookDeactivate property (ExcelListener).
R. OnWorkbookNewSheet property (ExcelListener).
S. OnWorkbookOpen property (ExcelListener).
4. Configuration files (PFE).
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OnSheetBeforeDoubleClick property (ExcelListener).

y default, if the user double clicks on a cell then Excel application would switch into the data entry mode.


In such mode the Excel would wait until the user finishes data entry. However, right before it goes into such mode the Excel would fire the "before double click" event. The OnSheetBeforeDoubleClick property provides facilities for trapping such event.


The signature() function on the picture above reveals that the handler for the "before double click" event is expected to take two arguments and return a boolean. If the last executed handler for this event returns True then the event would be canceled and the Excel would proceed to function as if the user did not double click. If the last handler returns False then the Excel would proceed normally.

We supply the example event handler as follows.


At the double click on any cell the ControlShell receives new output and the Excel does not switch into the data entry mode.


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