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I. Motivation and design (PFE).
II. Installation of the Python for Excel.
III. Tutorial introduction into the Python for Excel.
IV. PFE Programmer's reference.
1. Direct access to Excel API.
2. Lower level access to Excel API.
3. Event trapping (PFE).
4. Configuration files (PFE).
A. Controlling individual workbook.
B. ThisWorkbook (PFE).
C. Initialization of add-in namespace.
D. Implementation of ExcelListener.
E. Script execution in response to activation of the ControlShell.
F. Finalization of the add-in.
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Script execution in response to activation of the ControlShell.

efore the PFE add-in attempts to pop up the ControlShell window it executes the script pfeAddin_OnPopUp.py on Excel's main thread. If nothing goes wrong then the ControlShell pops up. The ControlShell is an out-of-process application. When the user closes it the ControlShell's process does not die. It remains in memory awaiting next activation. The ControlShell executes the script pfeControlShell_init.py in its own process the first time it pops up. It also executes the script pfeControlShell_Activate.py every time it pops up.

The scripts pfeAddin_OnPopUp.py, pfeControlShell_init.py, pfeControlShell_Activate.py are all located in the directory "c:\Program Files\PythonForExcel".

Index. Contents.

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