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I. Installation.
II. Threading primitives.
III. NonBlockingQueue.
1. NonBlockingQueue design.
2. Simplest example with NonBlockingQueue.
3. NonBlockingQueue prototypes.
A. NonBlockingQueue data fields.
B. NonBlockingQueue::push member function.
C. NonBlockingQueue::pop member function.
D. NonBlockingQueue::Element.
E. NonBlockingQueue::Node.
4. Python-based acceptance test of NonBlockingQueue.
IV. ThreadPool.
V. ThreadMaster.
VI. OTS Scheduler.
VII. Bibliography
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NonBlockingQueue data fields.

e represent the structure of the figure ( NonBlockingQueue Design ) with the following data fields


volatile unsigned char theSwitch;

Element* theArray[UCHAR_MAX+1];

const int theCircleLength;

The theSwitch is the data field "Switch" on the figure. theArray is the array of Element pointers that are directly referenced by the "Switch". theCircleLength is the number of Elements in the circular structure on the Figure ( NonBlockingQueue Design ).

Downloads. Index. Contents.

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