Quantitative Analysis
Parallel Processing
Numerical Analysis
C++ Multithreading
Python for Excel
Python Utilities

I. Installation.
II. Threading primitives.
1. Encapsulation of primitives.
2. Preventing starvation.
3. Preventing race condition.
4. Barriers.
A. SignaledBarrier.
B. SignaledCountingBarrier.
C. SignaledCountingBarrier2.
D. Barrier.
III. NonBlockingQueue.
IV. ThreadPool.
V. ThreadMaster.
VI. OTS Scheduler.
VII. Bibliography
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he SignaledCountingBarrier2 is different from SignaledCountingBarrier only in return value of the waitForOpen. The SignaledCountingBarrier2::waitForOpen returns true if it returned after the number of blocked thread has been reached. It returns false otherwise, when the openOne() or openAll() has been called.

Downloads. Index. Contents.

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