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I. Installation.
II. Threading primitives.
III. NonBlockingQueue.
IV. ThreadPool.
1. ThreadPool prototypes.
2. Acceptance test for the ThreadPool.
V. ThreadMaster.
VI. OTS Scheduler.
VII. Bibliography
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onsider the following problem. Several threads are maintained from a manger thread to execute given tasks repeatedly until the program is aborted. Each of these tasks may throw boost::thread_resource_error. The boost::thread documentation does not explain the conditions when such exception may be thrown. However, we aim to terminate such thread and replace it with a newly created thread. The difficulty of such operation is in passing information to the manager thread. Indeed, if an offending thread has a thread resource problem then it is logical to assume that any synchronization operation would throw as well. Hence, we cannot use any mutex-protected data to pass information between threads in such situation. Instead, we use the thread interruption facility of the boost::thread library because the operation of requesting an interruption of another thread never throws. Hence, the offending thread can always signal its condition by interrupting something. Implementation of such thread-maintenance strategy is the ots::scheduler::ThreadPool class.

1. ThreadPool prototypes.
2. Acceptance test for the ThreadPool.

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