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I. Introduction into GPU programming.
II. Exception safe dynamic memory handling in Cuda project.
III. Calculation of partial sums in parallel.
IV. Manipulation of piecewise polynomial functions in parallel.
1. History of changes (PiecewisePoly).
2. Calculus behind the PiecewisePoly project.
3. Code structure (PiecewisePoly project).
4. Python scripting for PiecewisePoly project.
V. Manipulation of localized piecewise polynomial functions in parallel.
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History of changes (PiecewisePoly).

ugust 2012. Crudification operator added. Switched to cudaMalloc-based memory allocation. Added several minor functions to Piece and Poly interfaces.

January 2013. A bug fixed. Some Host<dataType> classes missed protection against access via negative index. In some cases, summation of PiecewisePoly classes with overlapping supports was working incorrectly.

April 2013. The code is reconstructed to reduce flow control statements in the device code.

June 2013. Crudification operator corrected. LPoly added.

Downloads. Index. Contents.

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