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Parallel Processing
Numerical Analysis
C++ Multithreading
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Python Utilities

I. Introduction into GPU programming.
II. Exception safe dynamic memory handling in Cuda project.
III. Calculation of partial sums in parallel.
IV. Manipulation of piecewise polynomial functions in parallel.
V. Manipulation of localized piecewise polynomial functions in parallel.
1. Calculus behind the LPoly class.
2. Crudification operator for LPoly class.
3. Implementation of LPoly class.
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Implementation of LPoly class.

he implementation is a part of the PiecewisePoly project located in OTSProjects/Cuda/PiecewisePoly directory. The unit tests are scripted in the file OTSProjects/Cuda/PiecewisePoly/pyd/test2.py.

Downloads. Index. Contents.

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